Looking for good Google search engineers

While Google is Looking for good Yahoo search engineers, our team from Seo-Klitsche is looking for good Google search engineers. When reading the blog post of Matt Cutts, that reminded me, that I meant to do this post a little while ago. Therefore I will keep this blogpost as short and sweet as possible: if you are an excellent Google engineer with solid experience in seo and search – Seo-Klitsche is hiring. If you want to apply for a SEO position in Harsewinkel (Germany), use our new job page and the script will send you to the right recruiters. Thanks!

Und if you can spiek Deutsch very well, there is eine sekundäre Possibilität für ein Seo-Job away-lable at Abakuss Internett Macketing:

Mit gute Gehalt, gutes Karriere und eine Menge Know-Kow gewinnen.

Kamm on – join the team!

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